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Custom Products Can Help Both Ways

Many of the St. Michael's Woodshop standard products are old favorites that they make each year, like cheese boards, toys, and one-piece nativity sets. But custom wood products are also a major part of their output, helping both our clients and our own program. Meeting new people at our sales often leads to both friendships and custom work for our new friends. 

One such friendship came about in 2014 when a photography student at Rochester Institute of Technology decided to take an independent study course. Jayna Labrie wanted to do something meaningful, and through various contacts she found her way to the Woodshop. She got to know the then-current students and volunteers and ended up producing a beautiful book of photographs interspersed with student quotations about what the Woodshop meant to them. 

Jayna graduated and now works as marketing coordinator at Empire Crane Company in North Syracuse, NY. For a holiday corporate gift, Jayna designed six-by-six-inch 2018 calendars, using historic images of cranes from the Library of Congress. She asked the Woodshop to make wooden stands for the calendars, so that customers could set them them on their desks. 

“It’s a win-win-win situation,” said Woodshop Director James Smith. “Our students work on a real-world product, Jayna’s company gets to deliver a custom-made holiday gift to its clients, and we get to reconnect with Jayna!” 

Wolffkran W8033.20 3

WolffKran Being Put to Work at Hospital of UPENN

American Crane and Rigging Has purchased a WolffKran W8033.20 from Empire Crane Co, LLC, based in Syracuse, NY. For it’s first job, it has been rented by American Iron Inc. to build the 2100 ton structural steel, $120 million dollar addition to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania located in West Chester, PA. They expect the addition to be completed sometime in 2018.

On October 26th, American Iron assembled the WolffKran W8033.20 on the site in Westchester. A crawler crane was not an option for the job because of the tight jobsite. The W8033.20 also provides a quick setup (only 2 days), has over 300’ height and 262’ jib. For their current job, they only needed to set the crane up to have 151’ of tower. Mike Hoy, owner and founder said, “the Wolffkran tower crane is by far the best tower crane ever built…they actually invented the tower crane’ ‘their tower cranes are the most erector friendly on the market, their assembly is simple and very stream lined.” 

American Crane & Rigging (est. 2006) and its sister company, American Iron Inc., (est. 2003) and New England’s premier steel erectors. They specialize in setting steel at hospitals, schools, jails, convention centers, etc. Both companies were founded by Mike Hoy are located in Schenectady, NY.

Empire Crane Company was founded by Paul & Luke Lonergan in 2002. They are an authorized dealer for Terex, Tadano Mantis, Kobelco Crawler Cranes, Shuttlelift carry deck cranes, Manitex Boom Trucks, Wolffkran Tower Cranes, and Magni Telehandlers. Empire Crane offers sales, parts, and service at their offices in Syracuse NY, Bridgewater NJ, and Boston MA.

Benson 1

Benson Crane Service Purchases New 2015 Terex Explorer 5500 from Empire Crane Co.

Benson Crane Service has taken delivery of a brand new 2015 Terex Explorer 5500 from Empire Crane Co. based in Syracuse, NY. The Terex Explorer 5500 is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 140 tons, with a max boom length of 196.2’ and jib height of 283.8’. Jim Benson, general manager of Benson Crane Service said “The reach was impressive for the size of the crane’ ‘to have a mobile crane with that much boom easily puts our business into a more competitive category.” 

This crane is Benson’s 2nd crane purchase from Empire Crane. Jim says, “Their team is above and beyond’ ‘they’re just a phone call away”. The crane is already to work and currently erecting steel for the Queens City Lofts project in Poughkeepsie NY. That job is expected to continue through the winter.

Benson Crane Service is located in Saugerties, NY and has been proudly serving the Northeast for almost 10 years. They have equipment ranging from 15 to now 140 tons so they are able to handle almost any task. All of their operators are OSHA certified, NYS licensed, and NCCO licensed and trained. Benson Crane Service provides 24 hour emergency service as well.

IMG 8285  DSC01270

Empire Crane Company Sells Tadano Mantis GTC1200 to ACK Marine & General Contracting, LLC 

Empire Crane Company representative Justin Melvin has sold a 2017 Tadano Mantis GTC1200 to ACK Marine & General Contracting, LLC in Quincy, Massachusetts. Vice President and Chief Estimator, John McNulty said “We chose the 2017 Tadano Mantis GTC1200 because it fits the niche that we work in.” ACK Marina is often working on barges and many of their upcoming jobs are bridge or demolition work which requires cranes to be working in low clearance areas. “The GTC1200 doesn’t require you to break down, the boom easily retracts and can get into tight areas.”

The GTC1200 is a 130 ton crane and has the strongest barge chart of all hydraulic boom crawler cranes. With the 2.5 degree barge load chart, it is a strong crane on land and on a barge.

ACK Marina does a lot of work for Mass Port which has very strict height restrictions near air ports. “This crane has the versatility so I don’t have to worry about exceeding height restrictions with the crane setup” McNulty said. He did his homework and was very impressed with the durability and capability of Tadano Mantis products. It’s first job will be a land based bridge job where 2 GTC1200’s will be working together.

ACK Marine & General Contracting is located in Quincy, Massachusetts and specializes in marine construction, barge, tugs, & equipment rentals. They also provide, marine transportation, heavy equipment transportation and project cargo servicing international and domestic inland and offshore waterways. ACK is proud to be a Nationally Certified Women Owned Business.

Empire Crane Company was founded by Paul & Luke Lonergan in 2002. They are an authorized dealer for Terex, Tadano Mantis, Kobelco Crawler Cranes, Shuttlelift carry deck cranes, Manitex Boom Trucks, Wolffkran Tower Cranes, and Magni Telehandlers. Empire Crane offers sales, parts, and service at their offices in Syracuse NY, Bridgewater NJ, and Boston MA.


Empire Crane Company Promotes Karl Pitre to NJ Branch Manager

 Empire Crane Company is proud to announce the promotion of Karl Pitre to the Branch Manager of our Bridgewater, New Jersey location. Karl will oversee the service center and part sales as well as continuing to support our sales team on the road.

 Karl has worked at Empire Crane Company since 2012. When the Bridgewater, NJ branch was opened, Karl was appointed to the service manager position as he had shown great potential and initiative to help build up the branch to serve our New Jersey and New York City customer base.

 Karl says, “I will be traveling a couple times a week to put machines in service. I will also get more involved with our sales department to insure that our parts and service teams are supporting our new and existing customers. The New Jersey location has grown steadily in the 2.5 – 3 years that we have been in business and we foresee great growth to come with our current equipment lineup and recent additions to our staff.”

 Empire will continue training our highly skilled service technicians to better support the manufacturers of cranes that we represent. We are always looking to better ourselves to reduce the amount of downtime for our new and existing customers.

 Karl Pitre can be contacted at 908-203-0400 or

IMG 11

Empire Crane Sells Terex RT555 to Keith Grimes, Inc.

July 6, 2017
Syracuse, NY

Empire Crane Company has sold a 2017 Terex RT555 to Keith Grimes, Inc. located in Bridgehampton NY. David Grimes, Vice-President says “this crane upgrade for our company will allow us to take on larger jobs than we have previously with a far greater margin of safety. Our new Terex greatly exceeds the limitations of our old crane when it comes to safety and maneuverability”.

The 2017, 55 ton rough terrain crane is equipped with a 110’ full power mechanically synchronized boom and three steering modes. Keith Grimes, Inc. is excited for the addition of this Terex crane to their fleet. The crane will be used primarily for marine construction, bulkhead, dock and steel sheet pile installation. Empire Crane and Keith Grimes, Inc. look forward to continuing their business relationship. David says that Empire is a very easy company to work with and they are “very attentive to details and our business’ needs”.

Keith Grimes, Inc. is a full service site development, marine construction and crane service company operating primarily from Montauk to Riverhead on Long Island NY. They have been in business for over 30 years which has given them extensive experience working with common site problems, difficult excavations, tight spaces, deep excavation septic systems and all aspects of erosion control and remediation. You can visit their website at to see the exceptional quality of work 30 years in the business provides.

Empire Crane was founded by Paul & Luke Lonergan in 2002. They are an authorized dealer for Terex, Tadano Mantis, Kobelco Crawler Cranes, Shuttlelift cary deck cranes, Manitex Boom Trucks, Wolffkran Tower Cranes and Magni Telehandlers. Empire Crane offers sales, parts and service at their offices in Syracuse NY, Bridgewater NJ and Boston MA. You can see their full inventory at

IMG 10

Empire Crane Delivers New 2017 Tadano GTC800 Cranes to American Crane & Rigging 

Empire Crane Company has delivered a new 2017 Tadano GTC800 to American Crane & Rigging to erect steel for the new Sullivan County Jail. The 88-ton telescoping-boom crawler features a 141’ boom, 58’ bi-fold jib, load charts that allow for operation up to 4 degrees out of level, and new Opti-Width Technology. 

Mike Hoy, owner of American Crane & Rigging says “having this crane is a huge advantage over other cranes in the market because the set up time is a fraction of the time as a crawler”. American Crane & Rigging is a repeat customer at Empire Crane because of the “great response on anything we need: parts, service, and sales. My salesman Jonathan Shufelt has been very knowledgeable on the crane and made the transaction smooth”. 

Mike Hoy established American Crane & Rigging in 2006 and its sister company, American Iron Inc., in 2003. Both Companies are located in Schenectady, NY.

Empire Crane Company was founded by Paul & Luke Lonergan in 2002. They are an authorized dealer for Terex, Tadano Mantis, Kobelco Crawler Cranes, Shuttlelift carry deck cranes, Manitex Boom Trucks, Wolffkran Tower Cranes, and Magni Telehandlers. Empire Crane offers sales, parts, and service at their offices in Syracuse NY, Bridgewater NJ, and Boston MA.

Earth Day 1

With Earth Day just around the corner and more and more cranes going out to work, remember that the little things make a big difference in this planet.

The conversion from Tier 3 to Tier 4 Final engines is a huge step in helping the planet. It reduces 45% of nitrogen oxide emissions as well as 80% of particle emissions. If you are purchasing a used crane, try to find one that has been built in the last few years with the Tier 4 Final engine. That way we can all breathe easier.

Another way that your cranes can become more environmentally friendly, is by using an auxiliary power unit (APU) like on the new Kobelco CK2750G. APUs reduce engine wear that is created by idling time, and in turn, reduce fuel waste.

Other simple things will help as well. For example, reducing waste at construction sites, recycling tree trimmings for mulch or other usages (arborists I’m talking to you!), or choosing an efficient transportation method when traveling from site to site. We all have to do our part, at home, and at the office, (well, our crane cabs!)

Happy Earth Day!

Americas Cup

Empire Crane Company's Cranes Ready Yachts at America's Cup

Empire Crane Company has cranes rented to Correia Construction Company Ltd. for lowering yachts into the water for the America’s Cup in Bermuda. Empire’s 2015 Terex HC110 lifted the yacht for Team Japan. Empire’s 2015 Terex RT780 lifted the yacht for Team France. Correia Construction decided to rent the cranes from Empire Crane because they’ve purchased cranes from Empire in the past, and the two companies have developed a great working relationship over the years.

The 35th America’s Cup presented by Louis Vuitton will be held on May 26th – June 26th 2017. There will be teams competing from 6 countries, USA, who is defending the cup, Sweden, New Zealand, France, Britain, and Japan.

IMG 8   IMG 9

Empire Crane Company purchased new Tadano Mantis Telescopic Boom Crawlers at ConExpo 2017, including the new GTC-800 and 15010 models. Yo Kakinuma, President & COO of Tadano America, Luke Lonergan, Vice President of Empire Crane, and Shiro Morita, Chief Operating Officer of Tadano America, celebrated the exchange made at ConExpo 2017.

Empire Crane owners, Luke and Paul Lonergan are confident that the features in the new GTC-800 (such as the cutting edge OPTI-WIDTH™ and out-of-level charts) make the model a “definite winner” among the competition. This will position Empire Crane to better meet consumer requirements in the Northeast.

Other features of the new GTC-800 include a five-section, 141.1-foot main boom, plus a 58.1-foot bi-fold jib. The crane has the capability to operate at up to four degrees out-of-level slopes up to 1.5 degrees and boasts the Tadano AML-C rated capacity indicator with OPTI-Width™ (allowing asymmetric track positioning in reduced width configurations) technology.

The new 15010 has four-section main boom reaching heights of 111’6”, plus a 50-foot bi-fold jib. It also has Tadano’s AML-C rated capacity indicator system, uses Tadano Mantis’ improved performance swing system, and is approved for use in New York City.

SL Chasse Steel

Empire Crane Company hands over keys to a 2017 Manitex 30102C to SL Chasse Steel

Empire Crane Company hands over keys to a 2017 Manitex 30102C Mounted on a Kenworth 880 truck to SL Chasse Steel of New Hampshire. Steve Chasse of SL Chasse Steel worked with Empire Crane Sales Rep, Justin Melvin as he looked to upgrade from a 1989 model to a 2017.

The Manitex 30102C is SL Chasse Steel’s first purchase from Empire Crane. The Manitex 30102C 30 ton capacity met the specifications SL Chasse Steel was looking for and Empire Crane was able to offer customized paint to match Chasse Steel’s company colors. Empire Crane is looking forward to working with SL Chasse Steel for any future crane needs.


Empire Crane Company Promotes Katie Pharoah to Sales Manager

Empire Crane Company announces the promotion of Katie Pharoah to Sales Manager. Her primary focus will continue to be within the sales department with the added responsibility of managing the sales team and strengthening customer relations.

Katie has worked at Empire Crane Company since 2007 when she started as a temporary receptionist after receiving her BA in Philosophy from Buffalo State

University. She quickly moved into the sales department where she has continued to increase her responsibilities.

 Katie said “My role in the company has naturally evolved to where it is now. I’m honored to be named Sales Manager of this fantastic team.” With the recent increase in Empire Crane’s sales force the role of Sales Manager will play an integral part in motivating the team and increasing sales within the company.

Empire Crane’s Tadano Mantis 15010 Working on Wynn Casino Resort

image2New York – Two of Empire Crane Company’s Tadano Mantis 15010 are currently working on the site of the future Wynn Casino Resort. Empire Crane rented both Tadano Mantis 15010 to Treviicos to kick-start the foundation work at the Boston Harbor site.

Treviicos rented the Tadano Mantis 15010 for their exceptional flexibility onsite. The Tadano Mantis 15010 crane has a 111’6” main boom making it a superior choice for foundation work. Empire Crane looks forward to assisting Treviicos in the future and continuing to work with them on projects in the Greater Boston area.

The Wynn Casino Resort is expected to open in June of 2019.

Empire Crane Strengthens Sales Force 

Empire Crane Company strengthens it’s sales force in the Northeast with the addition of four new hires. Each will provide strong customer service within their assigned territory as well as a voice for the manufacturers Empire Crane Company represents.

MikMike Andrews website5e Andrews—Sales Representative

Mike Andrews brings to Empire Crane over 20 years experience in the Heavy Equipment industry. Mike will be the territory sales representative for NYC, Long Island, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey markets. He brings with him an extensive background in account management.


JustinMelvinwebsite2Justin Melvin - New England Sales Representative

Justin Melvin a 2012 Graduate of SUNY Oswego comes to Empire Crane with a strong sales and account management background. Justin will be the territory sales representative for the New England market.


Jonathanwebsite3Jonathan Shufelt - Sales Representative

Jonathan Shufelt brings to Empire Crane over 15 years in the Heavy Equipment Industry. Jonathan has worked within the industry in roles including business development and territory management. Jonathan will cover Albany, NYC, Connecticut, and the Hudson Valley.

Empire Crane Company’s Chloe Lonergan Receives Multiple Scholarships New York


Empire Crane is proud to announce that Chloe Lonergan received a scholarship from the SyracusBuilders Exchange Foundation, is a recipient of the Frank Bardonaro Sr. Memorial Scholarship awarded by the SC&RA Foundation and received the SUNY Oswego Presidential Scholarship.

Chloe Lonergan has been a summer intern at Empire Crane since 2014 working in the Accounts Payable Department. She is a sophomore at Oswego State in the School of Business. Chloe is majoring in Operations Management with a minor in International Business. She has excelled in her studies ending her freshman year with an overall GPA of 3.95. She recently accepted a Teaching Assistant position and will be working alongside her business communications professor helping incoming freshman this fall.

In addition to academics Chloe is a member of the NCAA Division III Woman’s Soccer team at SUNY Oswego. Last year she started in all 18 games as Center Defender. Her team won the first ever SUNYAC playoff game in school history. She was named SUNY Woman’s Rookie of the Year for all division III SUNY Schools and named 3rd team all-conference. In addition, Chloe was named to the Scholar Athlete List and also received the SUNY Chancellor Scholar Athlete Award for Division III Woman’s Soccer.

Chloe Lonergan plans on graduating from SUNY Oswego in the spring of 2019 and continuing her education to obtain her MBA. When asked what her future plans are Chloe said “I hope to have the opportunity to go into the crane industry with my father. I have always been interested in the business and hope to follow in my father, uncle and grandfather’s footsteps”

T780 web3

Michael Bigg Takes Delivery of a T780 from Empire Crane Company

 New York – Michael Bigg recently took delivery of a 2016 Terex T780 sold by Chet Zerrillo of Empire Crane before his passing. This is the third new crane sold by Chet Zerrillo to Michael Bigg who has been a longtime customer of Empire Crane. Luke Lonergan of Empire Crane said “the 2016 Terex T780 will prove to be a reliable crane for the 24 hour demand of their business”. The T780 truck crane offers proven performance and ease of use. Designed to set-up easily on the job site and travel down the highway at maximum allowable speeds, this crane makes an excellent addition to any taxi-crane fleet.

  • 80 US t maximum capacity
  • 126 ft maximum boom length
  • 133 ft maximum tip height
  • Travel speeds up to 65 mph

Empire Crane Company Becomes First Magni Authorized Dealer in the Eastern US

Magni 5.25 Smart Syracuse NY website article

New York – Empire Crane Company has expanded their offering within the New York and Northern New Jersey market as an authorized dealer for Magni Telescopic Handlers. Empire Crane Company was selected by Magni and Paramount Equipment as the first Eastern US Dealer of the Magni product line. Paramount Equipment is Magni’s exclusive importer and master distributor for the 23 Eastern States.

The Magni product line is well known in Europe. They are the next generation of machines and offer superior height, lifting capacity, safety and efficiency. Offering integrated diagnostics, remote control operation, asymmetrical outrigger positioning and R.F.I.D attachment System are some of their various features.

Empire Crane has placed an initial order for two rotating units, model RTH 5.25 Smart and RTH 5.35S. The RTH 5.25 Smart has a maximum lifting capacity of 11.020 lbs and maximum lifting height of 81 ft. The RTH 5.35S has a maximum lifting capacity of 11.000 lbs and a maximum lifting height of 113,10 ft.

The Magni line will be well suited for Empire Cranes metro NYC market as well as general contractors and those with projects consisting of bridge, framing or anywhere a telescopic handler is currently utilized. They are also ideal for masonry & concrete work.

Magni offers the most extensive line of rotating and fixed boom telehandlers in the world today with lift heights up to 128 feet. Magni Telescopic Handlers provide incredible productivity as they can take the place of a telescopic forklift, rough terrain crane, and man lift along with other features.

Authorized Dealer of...